ALIKIBA Talks about his marriage to his wife 'Marriage is a challenge' - BONGO UNIT

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ALIKIBA Talks about his marriage to his wife 'Marriage is a challenge'

Artist Alikiba made it clear about the ongoing stories between him and his wife that claimed the two had had a long-standing dispute that led to his wife Amina leaving and returning to Mombasa, Alikiba has spoken about it through an episode of Ghost and Diva presenter.

He said: ">>" People should not enjoy the plight of their peers, or maybe it is unemployment, there is nothing the Almighty has legalized and he hates as a divorce. Where do you get the courage to get your partners to divorce, only the devil likes that stupidity. ”

“Your speaker is here, he is at Work. Marriage has many challenges, sometimes there are conflicts to resolve, but the qualities of marriage are secret and patience. When you are issued a certificate then go to perfom, not for free. Married people understand. ”

“My Kings Music artists have their home I bought for places close to my Tabata. When they come to me to greet me or come to record.
These guys are just like my kids, there is a time I stay at home with moms and I call them come and sit with them, we talk and make music, but they never infiltrate my privacy with Mama Keyaan. There's a time they might not be able to be at home for long. ”

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