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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Civil society organizations should work openly with patriotism in the country

By Chalila Kibuda, Social Club
Civil society in the country has had to have patriotism, transparency and co-operation with the government as they do so to help contribute to the development and development of the economy in the country.

This was stated by Director of Co-ordination and Industry and Institution from TAMISEM Dr. Andrew Andrew Komba I At the opening of the Civil Society Week which is expected to officially begin November 4 to 8 this year in Dodoma.

He said that civil society organizations in the country are making a significant contribution to the government in fulfilling its mandate of reaching out and providing services to the people which helps citizens to achieve their individual and national development.

And CEO of CSOs Francis artis said cooperation between civil society, Government and other development partners is important as it is one of the ways that it will help those organizations grow to support private and public development so they will continue to work with the government in every sector to solve the various problems and problems of citizens.

He added that the week of civil society will officially start from November 4 to 8 this year in Dodoma and that week's theme is for development partnerships are a key pillar of development for Tanzania.
Sector Coordinator of the President's Office - Dr. Andrew Komba speaking at the opening of the Civil Society Week expected next month in Dodoma.
Foundation Sheriff's Executive Director (FCS) Francis Kiwanga speaking in connection with the CSO's planned week in Dodoma City.
The Chief Executive Officer of Tanganyika Law Sociaty (TLS) Kaleb Gamanya outlining the plans for education in the area of ​​law at the Civil Society Week in Dodoma.

Some civil society stakeholders.
Sector Coordinator of the Presidential Office - President Andrew Komba cutting off a march to mark the opening of Civil Society Week at a meeting held in Dar es Salaam today.
Joint photo of Official Guest by Civil Society leaders

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