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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Investors from Rwanda land Kagera to take advantage of agricultural and pastoral opportunities

Ten investors owned by various trading companies in Rwanda have formed a single company with the aim of investing in Kagera region in the modern livestock industry.
Investors aiming to open a meat processing plant in the region, today, September 11, 2019 have arrived at the Regional Office, Brigadier General Marco E. Gaguti to express their interest.
William Kawamala, leader of the Rwandan investors told the Regional Commissioner that they are ready to invest in the modern cattle breeding sector in partnership with National Ranch Companies (NARCO) after the opportunity was presented at Kagera Investment Week. August 12 to 17, 2019.
“After participating in Kagera Investment Week we were attracted to investing in the livestock industry, and when we returned to Rwanda we stayed together and agreed to join ten business people to start an investment immediately, which is why we are here to start the initiative. Also, we have come to see the breeding grounds and setting up the factory, ”Kawamala told the Regional Commissioner.
Regional Governor Gaguti said the regional government was ready to give them cooperation.
He has directed NARCO's Executive Director Prof. Philemon Wambula along with some experts from the provincial secretariat to show them the designated areas as well as the procedures for registering the company and start the investment immediately.
"After Investment Week the response has been tremendous for investors to come to us to take advantage of the opportunities available at Kagera and we plan to welcome and direct investment processes, but our role is to ensure all the opportunities that investors have seen in investing in the growth of our region's economy," he said. The governor.
Professor Philemon Wambura, Acting Director of National Ranch Companies (NARCO) explained that Kagera region still has significant investment opportunities in the livestock sector especially in the meat and dairy processing industries as well as investment in livestock feed, adding that NARCO still has large areas to invest.

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