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Friday, September 27, 2019

SHOCK As Neymar Returns To Barcelona Over Money Issues With The Club (Full Story)

Neymar is in Barcelona because he has a pending court case involving bonuses he believes the club still owes him.
The player believes he is still owed part of a loyalty bonus that Barça paid only around half of. After his acrimonious exit, the club refused to pay the other half. That’s when the Brazilian sued the club for the rest of the money, but then the Catalans sued right back.
Barcelona argues that they should not only not pay the rest of the bonus, they should be refunded the part they already gave him. They argue the loyalty bonus depended on the player serving the entire contract, something that he did not do, as Paris Saint-Germain paid his release clause and allowed him to leave before the deal was up.
The legal battle took a twist last summer when Neymar asked to re-join Barça. The Catalans reportedly agreed on condition that he would drop the case and ask for forgiveness. However, no deal was ultimately struck, so the case remains active.
The trial will start tomorrow and Neymar will be present.

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