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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Ex-Chelsea player supports England to leave pitch if they suffer racist abuse

Former Chelsea winger Paul Canoville says he'd support England if they chose to leave the pitch due to racist abuse against Bulgaria on Monday night.

Asked at an anti-racism workshop if he would support such a move by England's players, Canoville said to Sky Sports News: "Yes I would. I would, I would.
"It's not a money tip anymore. It's not about the money or about sponsorship, you've got to protect the players now and if our team supports each other that's all well and good."
"I think there is a lack of support for black players [in general]," he added. "And the authorities themselves, the big boys, the Premier League, UEFA , the FA they have got to do a lot more.
"This has steadily been gaining and they haven't developed a situation to be honest to combat or eradicate it.
"It's not just happening at international grounds, it's happening at all grounds, Premier League grounds, every club has got to sort something out.
"It moves me and it scars me at the same time. It's not just a football issue at this moment, it's community. Too much has been going on and not enough is being done.
"It was bad enough when I was playing but we're talking what 30 years on now and to me it's crept right back, and it's gotten worse."

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