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Saturday, October 12, 2019

'Griezmann should play No.10 positon in France with Coman & Mbappe in front'

Olivier Giroud scored the only goal from the penalty spot as world champions France claimed a 1-0 victory in their crunch Euro 2020 qualifier in Iceland.

Yannick Stopyra, the former France national team player in the 80s, is less positive for Giroud, he thinks the future of France including Mbappe and Coman.
"The chance we have is to have a lot of opportunities on the offensive plan Coman, we did not expect it so good. With Mbappe, it is almost two incumbent holders in front of, in these conditions, I do not see the Blues continue in this tactical scheme with Giroud alone in the tip.
"I am convinced that Griezmann will play the No.10 position with Coman and Mbappe in front who are going very fast. 
"Frankly, I do not see how we can do otherwise. You will leave Coman as a joker? No, it's not possible, maybe we're going to a new way of playing ... "he explains in L'Équipe.

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