We have a great relationship like always – Neuer denies Ter Stegen rift

At pre-match press conference in Tallin, Neuer talked about his relationship with Ter Stegen and his some opinions.

Neuer on ter Stegen: “I hope you observed us well. We have a great relationship like always. Marc did well against Argentina. It’s all about the team for us, not only with Marc but also BerndbLeno and Kevin Trapp. We are talking normally.”

When mentioning the Low’s player arrangement in recent int’l matches, Neuer: “I would have preferred to play both games, that’s clear. But tomorrow is a competitive game, it’s about points. I’m ready.”

Manuel Neuer on the possibility of retiring from the national team: “Currently there’s nothing to announce. I’m fit and performing well, so there’s no reason to think about ending my career.”

About Kai Havertz, he said, “At such age, there rarely have been players at the national team and showing such performances. He has enormous attacking qualities and will continue to develop. That makes us all look very positively into the future.”

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